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Jan 26, 2007 - 1 minute read - analytics google search seo term wordpress

Wordpress: Search queries that point to your site

I’ve been using Google Analytics for a while in my site but haven’t look at the reports very closely. One thing is clear when took a look at the reports: most of the traffic come out of google searches.

Then I tried to find what exact search queries the users performs to find my site. The google analytics reports for this “search terms” is in my humble opinion a little bit difficult to find. But I found via this post that the report is located at All Reports -> Marketing Optimization -> Search Engine marketing -> Overall keyword Conversion.

Note that 80% of the searches are marked as “Other”. Only the top ten searches is shown.

If you don’t want to rely on Google Analytics to obtain this kind of stats. I recommend you either Counterize II or BDP Referral Tracker.