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Feb 27, 2007 - 1 minute read - mp4 mtdt psp sony tag title Uncategorized usmt uuid

Support for Sony PSP format in MP4::Info

Today I opened a new feature request ( on MP4::Info perl module to include my patch to read the title in a Sony PSP files. Read this post to know more about the way title is encoded in PSP Mp4 files. With the following patch mp4infopatch.txt (applied to you can read the title of an PSP MP4 file using the following code snippet:

use MP4::Info;
my $file = 'MAQ12033.MP4';

my $tag = get_mp4tag($file) or die "No TAG info";
printf "$file title is %s\n", $tag->{NAM};

my $info = get_mp4info($file);
printf "$file title is %s\n", $info->{NAM};

my $mp4 = new MP4::Info $file;
printf "$file title is %s\n", $mp4->title;

UPDATE: Jonathan Harris has released a new version of MP4::Info with support for Sony’s PSP files. more info