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May 26, 2008 - 1 minute read - cygwin id3 mp3 tag tagger tagging

Mp3 tag manipulation in cygwin

I couldn’t find any mp3 tagging utility using the cygwin setup.exe. So I google a bit and found this post about installing id3.

To summarize, download id3 here and unpack it.

tar xvzf id3-0.78.tar.gz
cd id3-0.78
sed -ibak -e 's/^\(CFLAGS.*=.*$\)/\1 -mno-cygwin/' makefile
sed -ibak -e 's/\($(CXX)\) \($(OBJECTS:=.o)\)/\1 $(CXXFLAGS) \2/' makefile
make install

There are some issue with carriage returns when printing the tags on screen that you can fix with the instructions in here.