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Jul 27, 2010 - 2 minute read - client desktop evernote java netbeans platform

EN4J 1.0M2 released - Evernote Java Client

I finally decided to release the project I was working on the last year: A java desktop client for the Evernote service.

The distributions for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows can be found on the downloads page.

And the source code can be accesses and forked from the git repository on github.

The README for EN4J-1.0M2


What is it?

EN4J is a client to the Evernote services written in Java. It designed to
become a replacement to the Evernote client for Windows & Mac. Although 
currently EN4J is a read-only client and cannot fully replace the 
official Evernote client. 

  * Fast search based on Lucene
  * Indexing of word documents, zip files, etc. All doc types supported by Apache Tika
  * Based on Netbeans Platform, runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
  * Open source 


  * Editable notes
  * tags
  * Keyring api
  * Rich-text clipboard copy
  * Ignore diacritical marks during search


If you find any write a bug report on

How to build and install

First, grab the source from github

git clone git://

Then proceed to the main directory

cd en4j/NBPlatformApp

to build the windows zip distribution do

ant build-zip 

to build the mac os x distribution do 

ant build-mac

Then take the output file in NBPlatformApp/dist


Just fork the project from

and send me a pull request with the changes.


Please see the file called LICENSE.


Netbeans team for the Netbeans Plaform and Netbeans IDE

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icons: Nuvola
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icons: Bunch of Cool Bluish ICONS 

Apache Thrift:
Flying Saucer:
Apache Tika:
Apache Commons Collections:
Apache Commons IO:
Apache Commons Math:
Evernote API:
Joda Time library: