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Aug 17, 2010 - 1 minute read

Fixing Disqus

I was checking the Disqus threads for my site in the Disqus web page and I noticed that there was something wrong. Some threads had the wrong url, pointing to http://localhost:4000 and some had the wrong title (instead of the title the url was showing). I came to the conclusion that this was due to the fact that I’ve been using disqus_developer=1 to test locally after migrating to Disqus and the threads that I visited for the first time locally got the local url (localhost) and the because disqus couldn’t get the title from that url (since it was a local url) it assigned a title based on the (local) url.

So I decided to fix it using the Disqus API and I wrote the following script

that uses a slightly modified version of the disqus ruby. I had to modify the disqus ruby because the original version can only iterate over the first 25 threads.