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Aug 18, 2005 - 1 minute read - Uncategorized


About a month ago I saw a book title “Japonés en viñetas” (Japanese in comic) in the FNAC bookstore. I was attracted by the title and after peeking at it I’ve found it interesting and decided to buy it and give Japanese a try. I’m of the impulsive kind.

So after reading the book, which gives an good introduction to Japanese I decided to buy a book in Japanese and try to read it. Looking in google for Japanese books providers I only found Went there and bought Akira, I’ve seen the movie and I like it and it’s very easy to find the Spanish version of the book.

Well, I’ve started reading it and I realized that learning Japanese is going to be a lot harder than I though!

I plan to post here my progress with this comic (manga) and all the new words I found, etc. Probably I’ll post my first Akira progress status report a little bit later today.