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Nov 15, 2006 - 1 minute read - java

Opensource java

Finally Sun has released Java under GPL2 license.

Read more about it at Tor Norbye’s blog or at this digg entry.

Some highlights:

  • HotSpot VM and JavaC compiler will be opensourced under the OpenJDK project
  • SE 7.0 to be OS’ed first, SE6 to follow
  • License GPV2 a la GNU/Linux with a GNU/Classpath exception to allow linking to non-GPL code.
  • GPLv2 chosen due to popularity, compatability and protection (non-public fork not legal)
  • Possibility of eventual GPLv3 upgrade when the FSF releases it.
  • Easier to distribute runtime as well as SDK with Linux etc.
  • Commercial licence policies remain in place.