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Dec 12, 2006 - 1 minute read - Comments - apache chart graph java jcharts jfreechart jmeter plugin report visualizer

Better JMeter Graphs

I’ve moved this post to the following location

UPDATE: The files here will only run in JRE 1.6. I will try to provide JRE 1.5-compatible files as soon as possible. Thanks to Daniel for pointing this out.

If you are tired of the old “Graph Results” listener that JMeter provides

Old Graph Results

Click on the above image or here to see an enlarged version

Checkout this new JMeter plugin that provides a new Statistical Aggregate Report

Statistical Aggregate Report

Click on the above image or here to see an enlarged version


To install the plugin you only have to unzip the zipfile into the JMeter 2.2.1 installation dir. The zip file has four files, three of them go into the $JMETER_HOME/lib directory and the other file goes into the $JMETER_HOME/lib/ext directory.

Once is installed, restart JMeter and now you must see a new “Statistical Aggregate Report” in the Add -> Listener menu.

This plugin it’s mainly the work of Lars Krogjensen (he provided most of the code) I only modified it a bit and repackaged it. I’ll post the source code as soon as I can.

Hope you find it useful

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