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Jul 18, 2008 - 1 minute read - consumption energy meter monitor power Uncategorized volcraft watt

Voltcraft Energy Control 3000

An article on the Elektor magazine on home power meters caught my attention, particularly the wireless one. In the article they mention the Voltcraft Energy Control 3000, that is able to receive data (about energy consumption) from several sensor and can be connected to the pc via usb. The only problem is that the software that comes with it is in german only. The price is ok, 100€ + 35€ per sensor. But I cannot find any information on the actual format of the data that the Voltcraft Energy Control 3000 provides. I also impossible to tell whether or not special USB drivers are needed. It could be that it presents itselft as a hard drive and expose the date as a file. That would be the easiest way to interface with it and use my own tools to process the data. That would also make possible to connect to my MacBook Pro.

If anybody finds any information (in english) please leave a comment here.