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Jul 18, 2008 - 2 minute read - energy meter monitor power sensor Uncategorized watt wireless zigbee

Wireless Power Meters

I’ve been trying to find power meters for home. My criteria is that it has to support several sensors (because I want to know how much energy my computer and home cinema is spending) and it has to be wireless (because it more convinient this way). After researching a couple of hours, it doesn’t lok good. The number of choices is very small. The Voltcraft option is in doubt because all the information I can find is in german. And the only other working option that I found is Plogg.


Plogg looks easier to interface with. It seems that it’s a serial interface (AT-command) over Bluetooth or Zigbee. Or if you get the PloggZgb EAP you will be able to access the sensors via TCP/IP in your Ethernet LAN.

Quoting from the plogg webpage:

Supported Com Port Redirector (CPR) software maps virtual COM ports on a PC platform and redirects application data destined to an attached device. Rather than going out of the local COM port, the data is transmitted across the Ethernet network to/from the Lantronics XPort Direct using TCP/IP.

But it’s not clear the model with the European power socket is orderable.

But at least it gave me the clue to look for Zigbee sensors as it seems that this technology is aimed at this type of devices. Although it went down that road and I didn’t find any real product there. I’ll post about it later.

By the way, if you are looking for power meters and you don’t need wireless or multiple sensors there are a lot of choices. Here’s a small sample:

  1. Volcraft Energy Check 3000
  2. Wattson 01
  3. The Owl
  4. Efergy
  5. Eco-eye / Mini-eye
Check the comparison chart between those.