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May 15, 2009 - 1 minute read - bios biosraid conceptronic csatacombo driver gparted hardware hardwareraid linux raid software

Conceptronics CSATACOMBO is not a Hardware RAID card

As clearly stated in Linux SATA RAID FAQ the Conceptronics CSATACOMBO card based on VIA vt6421 chipset is not a Hardware RAID.

The CSATACOMBO is called a “fake raid”, “BIOS RAID” or “BIOS-assisted software RAID” that means that actually a driver at OS level is needed to get the RAID features (see more info about BIOS RAID at novell page).

And that’s why Linux (gparted for example) doesn’t recognize the RAID arrays created with CSATACOMBO because there’s no Linux driver to handle the proprietary BIOS RAID in CSATACOMBO.

You can always create a Sofware RAID.