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May 28, 2009 - 2 minute read - bike courier international number seur shipment tracking Uncategorized

How not to do a parcel tracking system

The SEUR tracking system in amazing in the wrong way.

I got a tracking number from a bike shop that dispatched a bike from spain to sweden.

Ok, so I go to (because didn’t work) and put my tracking number there. Nothing, the tracking number is not yet in the system. Disappointment number 1. But this is not the first time I see this, you get a tracking number and it takes a while until you can actually find it in the system so I’m OK.

After a couple of hours I try again and there it is. It only says “T1 EXPEDICION DOCUMENTADA” (expedition documented) not a very clear message I would say. I choose to believe that means the shipment has been recorded. The entry has a date but no time it just says 00:00:00. Disapointment number 2.

So the next morning I check again, it says the same thing. How come? Something should have happened with my bike, I’m sure it has moved to somewhere. So after digging in the FAQs of I find that if I want to track an international shipment I should use instead. Disappointement number 3. What?!? At least they could say so when I search in, they now it’s an international shipment, why don’t they tell me there that I’m looking in the wrong place? That I should go to seurinternacional instead.

We are in 2009 and they didn’t get this right yet.

At least now I know that the bike arrived to barcelona at 8:00 this morning.