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Comparing Hypervisors, LXC and Docker

I’ve been playing lately with virtualization technology and was struggling to understand how the hypervisors like QEMU/KVM , LXC and Docker related. So once I figured it out I decided I should write it down.

SSH Port Forwarding Through Multiple Hops [.ssh/config]

Anybody that have to work with lab at work knows the pain of connecting to them. Usually labs don’t have direct connectivity to the “regular” network and to connect to them involves a series of jumps though different machines. Just SSH connectivity is painful in those scenarios let alone port forwarding. Fortunately you can setup your ~/.ssh/config in such a way that will automate most of it, if not all.

Running a Custom TestRunner From Rake

I was surprised when I searched in Google for ways of running a custom TestRunner in a Rake::TestTask and I couldn’t find anything directly.

So after figuring out myself how it’s done I decided to share it here: