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Accessing C++ Objects From Lua

Continuing the post about lua integration with C++. Now to more serious stuff. Let’s try to write a wrapper for a std::list<int>. Imagine that you have a std::list<int> in your C++ that you want to share with the Lua enviroment. So both C++ and Lua can access the list.

Running a Custom TestRunner From Rake

I was surprised when I searched in Google for ways of running a custom TestRunner in a Rake::TestTask and I couldn’t find anything directly.

So after figuring out myself how it’s done I decided to share it here:

Compiling OpenChronos in Windows

I got the EZ430 Chronos some days ago and after play around a little with the Code Composer Studio v4 that comes with it (the free code size limited version) I got the TI firmware compiled and uploaded to the watch. Then I realized that what I compiled it was a stripped down version of the firmware called Limited as the code-size-limited CCSv4 cannot be used to compiled the Unrestricted firmware.