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Jun 29, 2007 - 2 minute read - activator eclipse fix java page preference preferenceclass rcp template troubleshoot wizard

Eclipse Preference Page Extension Wizard troubleshooting

Today I tried to add a Preference Page to an RCP application that I’m working on with no luck. After executing the Extension -> Add -> Extension Wizards -> Preference Page I end up with 3 new classes. But 2 of then have compilation errors, they refer to an unexisting PreferenceClass. After googling a bit I found this message in a mailing list describing the same exact problem: >Hello, I ’ve added preference page in my application using plugin.

Jun 29, 2007 - 2 minute read - ethereal https inspect java jks key rsa sniffer sniffing ssl tomcat wireshark

Inspecting Tomcat HTTPS connection with Wireshark

Wireshark allows you to inspect SSL connection as long as you have the corresponding private key of the server side. You can read the details here. But if you are using java and tomcat you’ll probably have the certificate and private key stored in a JKS keystore so how can you extract the key in the right format for WireShark? First of all, keytool doesn’t allow you to extract the private key from a keystore.

Jun 29, 2007 - 5 minute read - import merge mysql ruby script tikiwiki wiki

Merging two TikiWiki's

I’ve created a ruby script to merge the content of a TikiWiki into another one. This script will read the tiki_pages, tiki_history and tiki_links tables from the MySQL backend of the source TikiWiki and import the contents into the destination TikiWiki. The script is ‘safe’, meaning that it will not overwrite any page if it already exists in the destination. The history of the page will be merged as well if the page exists at the destination.

May 30, 2007 - 2 minute read - bash bashrc bash_history history linux merge ssh sync synch synchronize

Synchronize bash history among different machines

Today I finally decide to make a script to keep my bash_history synchronized among all the machines I use. It’s a simple script that retrieves all the .bash_history files from all my machines, merges all the files into one, sort it, removes the duplicated lines and write it back to all the machines. The only drawback is that the original ordering of the history files is lost due to the alphabetical sorting step (needed to remove the duplicated lines).