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Nov 15, 2006 - 1 minute read - java

Opensource java

Finally Sun has released Java under GPL2 license. Read more about it at Tor Norbye’s blog or at this digg entry. Some highlights: HotSpot VM and JavaC compiler will be opensourced under the OpenJDK project SE 7.0 to be OS’ed first, SE6 to follow License GPV2 a la GNU/Linux with a GNU/Classpath exception to allow linking to non-GPL code. GPLv2 chosen due to popularity, compatability and protection (non-public fork not legal) Possibility of eventual GPLv3 upgrade when the FSF releases it.

Sep 28, 2006 - 1 minute read - compatibility extension firefox nightly tester tools Uncategorized

Nightly Tester Tools for Firefox 2.0

I’ve just installed the Firefox 2.0 RC1 and noticed that almost every extension/add-on I had has been disabled. Firefox 2.0 check if the extension is compatible with the Firefox version and disables it if it is not. You can force firefox to load the extension anyway using the Nightly Tester Tools. It works for several extensions like easyGestures and Blinklist toolbar. Just because Firefox 2.0 says the extension is incompatible doesn’t mean it won’t work, it only means that the extension’s developer didn’t tested it for firefox 2.

Sep 25, 2006 - 2 minute read - eclipse eclipsemonkey groovy groovymonkey icons java

Using GroovyMonkey to obtain all eclipse icons 2

I’ve been playing with GroovyMonkey that is more or less a patch to EclipseMonkey that allows to run other languages besides Javascript. With this Eclipse plugin you can run javascript, groovy, etc. scripts that interacts with the Eclipse API. To get an impression of what you can do with GroovyMonkey take a look to these posts (1, 2, 3, 4 ). Following those post you can make a script to download all eclipse icons from the eclipse repository.

Sep 13, 2006 - 2 minute read - camera date exif headers pel photo photos php script Uncategorized

PHP script to update the date in the exif photo headers

When I returned from my trip to NYC I realized that the camera was set to the wrong date!. I left the camera without batteries a long time and the camera reset to year 1900. So all photos had the wrong date in the EXIF headers, with 295 photos manually correct each one was not an option. Well. I realized that all I have to do to correct the photos is take one phote see the date in that photo and substract that date from the actual date of the photo to obtain the time difference between the photos.