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Feb 20, 2007 - 4 minute read - bootsector corruption data disk diskprobe mbr ntfs partition probe recover repair table windows

Hard disk odyssey!

Wow! Today is a great day I thought I missed my iTunes library and outlook email but I managed to recover it. I’m not really sure how it happened. All began when I moved my old 60GB hard disk to another PC as an extra disk (not boot disk). The other PC had Windows XP installed in its main 250Gb hard disk. I didn’t notice at first but the BIOS didn’t recognized the 60GB disk correctly (wrong size, wrong id) and when I started the Disk Administrator in Windows, it warned me that the disk had’nt a signature and asked me to write a new one.

Jan 26, 2007 - 1 minute read - analytics google search seo term wordpress

Wordpress: Search queries that point to your site

I’ve been using Google Analytics for a while in my site but haven’t look at the reports very closely. One thing is clear when took a look at the reports: most of the traffic come out of google searches. Then I tried to find what exact search queries the users performs to find my site. The google analytics reports for this “search terms” is in my humble opinion a little bit difficult to find.

Jan 18, 2007 - 2 minute read - defragmentation defragmenter disk diskeeper fragmented perfectdisk windows

Diskeeper vs. PerfectDisk

Diskeeper and PerfectDisk are main leading Windows defragmenting tools in the market. The hard disk in my Windows XP machine is heavily fragmented and the MS built-in defragmenter doesn’t help very much so I decide to take a look into the commercial defragmenter tools out there. First I tried Diskeeper because I found that the Windows built-in defragmentation tool contains code licensed from Executive Software (the makers of Diskeeper). I thought that being licensed by Microsoft was a good sign but… Diskeeper like the built-in tool is a multi-pass defragmenter.

Jan 14, 2007 - 1 minute read - altiris cygdrive cygwin linux virtualization

Cygwin: Cannot read c: drive

If you are getting ls: reading directory /cygdrive/c: No such file or directory it’s probably because you installed Altiris Sofware Virtualization (SVS). The solution is to uninstall Altiris or use ProgramIgnoreList feature of Altiris. Read the following messages to the cygwin mailist list to know more. original message solution Take a look to this altiris forum post also if you need more information about the issue